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"Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; It represents the wisest choice of many alternatives."


Promote quality child care services for the community through provider education and support.
Work to promote child and family friendly legislation at the state and federal levels.
Support the diversity of family child care providers and the children in their care.
Establish a cohesive working relationship with parents, the Department of Social Services (Community Care Licensing), Child Action, Inc.,Beanstalk and various food programs, local, state and federal law makers, and the child care associations.
Promote the positive side of family child care to the media by representation at community events that support the needs of children and families.

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The Benefits of Belonging to a Professional Organization
by Rhonda Yeager
Published in APHCA, Houston Monthly Newsletter, June 1999

Many childcare providers experience isolation, burnout, and/or boredom at some point in their careers and will abandon their businesses within the first two years of operation. Unfortunately for them, they never discover the benefits of belonging to a professional organization.

A professional childcare organization provides a solid foundation for networking among childcare professionals. It's important to know that we all share the same triumphs and tribulations ­ for we are NOT ALONE. Childcare providers belonging to a professional organization network with each other to provide support and encouragement. We realize that "our problems" are not unique and that sometimes the solution to a childcare problem is just a phone call away!

Joining a professional organization provides an opportunity to meet others in your profession. Some will have numerous years of experience, while some are just beginning. Lifelong friendships can be formed and your interests expanded.

Many childcare providers belonging to professional organizations develop or discover leadership roles after they have gained confidence with support from association members. And, once you have established confidence in yourself, and are able to lead others in the field, you experience personal gratification in your daycare business. Thus, losing those feelings of isolation, burnout, and/or boredom.

And even if you choose to not be a leader, you will gain well-rounded experience, broaden your horizons, and enjoy socializing with a new family of friends. Your childcare problems will seem less trivial and you'll develop a new sense of importance ­ after all, isn't that what we're all looking for?